Ayrshire Farm

3 out of 5

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Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, Va, was not only the first Virginia farm to be certified both Organic and Humane, but also the first farm in the nation to generate certified humane® veal calves.

We raise heritage breed livestock and poultry and are deeply committed to maintaining the health and well being of the land and animals (and humans). All crops and livestock contribute to the overall vitality of the farm by means of sustainable farming methods, including rotational grazing, extensive composting, and humane husbandry practices.

At Ayrshire Farm, we are conscious of our food miles and strive to perpetuate our local food chain by supplying our restaurant, The Hunter's Head Tavern, Upperville, Va, and our retail shop, Home Farm Store, Middleburg, Va, with every type of food product that our farm and other local farms are able to produce.

Visit our website for more information about heritage breeds, organic farming, and to view our schedule of events.

3 out of 5

The turkey I ordered for Thanksgiving arrived on time as advertised, but the cavity contained the neck, giblets, and a LOT of shredded plastic. I suspect the plastic was from a bag that was supposed to hold the giblets, but was shredded (along with what I think might have been the heart) when placed in the cavity. It took me a very long time to remove all of the tiny plastic pieces. Many of the pieces were less than 0.25" long - they really looked like they had been through a shredder.I posted this review right after Thanksgiving and was contacted shortly afterwards by Ayrshire Farms. Very nice email communications with promises that the Meat Plant Manager would contact me and help to reach some sort of resolution for this problem. They have my email and phone number (as requested), but once I removed the negative review from this site, all communication from the farm stopped. Needless to say, I have not heard from either the Meat Plant Manager nor from the web manager again, and I feel that the problem (from my side) was not resolved.

My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Ayrshire Farm at the annual fall festival. The mid-October event included a hayride, bobbing for apples, hot cider, tours of the stables and carriage house and much more. We were so impressed with the farm's commitment to organics and humane treatment of its animals.Thanks for opening to the public and making our vacation extra special!

We ordered our Thanksgiving turkey from Ayrshire Farm and it was our first time that we've ever had a fresh turkey. The turkey arrived on Tuesday around 10:30am. Inside the box was a giant pillow pack, two still partially frozen cool packs, and the turkey sealed in a plastic bag with my name on it. It was still cool to the touch, there were no leaks - all in all, perfect condition. The turkey was a lot longer than we were used to but it fit in the roasting pan just fine. The white meat was succulent. The dark meat was much darker than I've ever seen before and had a slightly gamey taste that was very pleasant - a little bit like duck. They only complaint was that there wasn't more! :) See pictures here:http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_xa78qXMko1g/SS9HILOyVVI/AAAAAAAABoU/znp-FLVtqTs/s1600-h/IMG_7052.JPGhttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/_xa78qXMko1g/SS9HJU8NZHI/AAAAAAAABos/KL-RsdBRkX8/s1600-h/IMG_7063.JPG