Dee Creek Farm

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We believe in taking things a step beyond organic. The proof is in the pudding! We encourage folks of all interest to come out and visit the farm. To keep folks actively participating in "their" farm, we offer monthly workshops ranging from soap making to lacto-fermented vegetables!

Our products include: pastured chicken and turkey, pork, free range eggs, handmade soap & non-toxic home products. We delivery to Vancouver once a week, pairing up with local farmers that share our philosophies - bringing wild greens, mushrooms and berries, nuts, breads and pastas, lacto-ferments, veggies, grassfed beef & lamb and lots more!

You can find a wealth of information on our website!

Season : June through October

Since : 2002

Type : single farm

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4 out of 5
Rory Bowman

Dee Creek's feta cheese is terrific, and the poultry I've had from their farm is delicious as well. Their time of slaughter is spot-on, and every bird I've ever bought from them was substantial and tender. This is no small trick for pastured poultry, and way better than birds I've raised myself.

Anne Lawrence

Having enjoyed several of Dee Creek's exquisite fresh, farm-raised products before, I confidently ordered our Thanksgiving turkey during the summer (requesting a really big one) paid a small deposit, and waited.Behind the scenes, with no effort on our part, our turkey was carefully tended and nurtured in a wonderful green pasture, living a luxurious turkey-ish life, far removed from the life of one of those unfortunate, caged, factory-raised birds.One week before Thanksgiving, we paid for and picked up our turkey, which weighed a whopping 25 pounds! Early Thanksgiving morning, I began to prepare our turkey. My immediate impression was that this bird was different from any that I had ever handled before. The skin was firm and glossy. The scent was clean and fresh with absolutely no off-aroma.When I removed the liver, heart and other organs from their package, I was stunned. I have prepared more than 30 turkeys in my life, and never have I seen a liver like that! Glossy, firm, smooth, fresh, healthy. Amazing! O.K., so I admit that I chatted with our turkey while I rinsed, dried and seasoned it. I thanked it on behalf of our family, many of whom were going to enjoy it later that day.For roasting, I used the usual Martha Stewart white-wine-and butter basting method. The aroma from the oven would have brought Martha to her knees! After allowing the roasted turkey to rest for 30 minutes, we began to carve it.That turkey was moist beyond any I have ever carved. What we experienced was plump and juicy white meat (and I mean juicy from a cellular level) delectable dark meat, and a complexity of flavor that can only come from an animal that has been cared for and respected with proper micronutrients and exercise. Not one cell of that turkey went to waste.We will never, ever, eat a cheaply raised, factory bird again. Not even a free one. Ever. For those of you who may not have had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful families of Dee Creek Farm, you do not know what you are missing! These folks are absolutely amazing. Everything they prepare is from the hearts and hands of people who care deeply for the land and its inhabitants. To Summer, Scott, Spark, and Michael: Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for keeping family farming alive and well in Southwest Washington. We will be ordering our 2009 Thanksgiving turkey from you next spring.Sincerely, Nelson and Anne Lawrence

Summer L Michaelson

Yeah, and I mean it. This farm is awesome! The food is incredible, grown with love. All animals are raised humanely, and you can taste it in every bite. The best eggs in the whole Pacific Northwest are produced by them. The artisanal feta they produce is conscienably addictive, having a complexity of flavor that no single mass produced cheese can get close to. Every product offered by this farm is superior, whether I measure by organic and sustainability methods, love and humaness, taste or my own health. Localharvest only allows me to use a 5 star rating, but I rate this farm with 100 stars!Summer Michaelson