Field to Fork Farm

5 out of 5

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At Field to Fork Farm, we raise a variety of food, including; organic rggs, organic grass fed beef, organic pasture raised broilers and pork from organically fed forest raised pigs. Try our own honey and maple syrup.

Products available from the farm. Please call ahead to make sure we're around. \n
5 out of 5

We learned about this organic farm only four months ago (summer '09) and immediately signed up for their CSA program: milk, eggs (which we pick up weekly) and chicken/pork/goat meat (which we pick up when they become available during the season).This is a small farm and its owners, Daniela, Patrick and their children, are very warm, friendly and helpful - they really make us feel completely at home; it's a pleasure to pick up milk and eggs every week plus the drive to the farm is just glorious, particularly in autumn. :) The animals are treated with love and respect, which really shows. The milk is delicious, very creamy and it lasts for more than a week in the fridge. The eggs have beautiful marigold yolks and the chickens are large and very, very flavorful. This week I'm picking up the pork meat. Can't wait to taste those forest-raised hogs. MS

Patrick, Daniella and the kids are great! The eggs and milk are wonderful and taste fantastic. It's the only milk my 4 year old will drink, thanks Brownie! Free range means free range here. Thanks for a great local source of these things, can't wait to start receiving my chickens and pork soon!