Grateful Davis Organic Farm

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Welcome to Grateful Davis Organic Farm, a CCOF certified farm. We are located in picturesque Rainbow CA. At Grateful Davis Organic Farm we have a passion for what we do, and because of this, we can offer you nothing but the finest of subtropical fruit grown in Southern California. We grow everything from Avocados to Jujubes.

February the Tarocco Blood Oranges are back in season!

To keep down the cost of shipping, we use USPS priority mail. Usually 3 days, or less, across country. If you prefer UPS, or Fed ex, please email us prior to ordering for shipping costs.

5 out of 5
Pasha Mirazimi

If you have any desire for the best blood oranges - do not even hesitate. I've ordered about 110+ lbs of them this season and consumed most of them myself!Early in the season they start off small, tart etc - by June they're sweet and equally delicious.The service, response etc has also been first class.Grateful Davis has earned a loyal customer for life!!

Shelby Bradford

These oranges are so tasty!! Great quality

Lisa Vice

I'm so glad I found Grateful Davis Organic Farm. They said they were picking the oranges on Sunday and I received them on Thursday. Soooo delicious, juicy, and flavorful. They're small (which I like) so I am eating two a day! Will order more when I finish these.

Donna Collins-Yamini

SOOOOO grateful to Myles and The Grateful Davis Farm!! Because of the deliciousness of YOUR Blood Oranges, my little jelly company, The Jelly Queens has made it to the finals for the 2014 Good Food Awards. We could not have done it with out you. On our next run of labels we are changing the name to "GRATEFUL Blood Orange Marmalade". We love, love, love everything you and your family do to create healthy, beautiful, amazing food. We will be doing a segment on our new TV show about the oranges next Feb. Keep up all the wonderful work y'all do! And make sure you send us oranges as soon as they come in!!! Big Love from Texas! The Jelly Queens

Jan Weber

I have yet to find any blood oranges sold in the whole of New York City that equal the quality and flavor of the Tarocco blood oranges grown at Trethowan Organic Farm. The Moro variety sold in most stores pale in comparison. These blood oranges have a unique, raspberry-like flavor and a gorgeous variegated pigmentation. Some are very light with a few specks of dark pigment, and some are almost entirely dark. Even though blood oranges are generally more tart than other oranges, these are only slightly so, the berry flavor really holds up which makes these superb for frozen desserts and in mixed drinks. I have even candied their peels for use in baked goods and garnishes. Simply can't get enough of these oranges. Thanks so much for your hard work season after season - as long as these oranges are for sale, I will keep buying them.

Gale Watts

I ordered on a Tuesday and they arrived (from CA to ME - thanks USPS) in perfect condition. Exactly what a Tarocco is supposed to be. Tarter and well colored. I am delighted with the promptness of the shipment and quality of the fruit. Will definitely order again. As an ex San Diegan, hankering for good citrus, I am so glad to find you.

Sarah Stapp

Farmer sent a hand written letter stating when he had hand picked these oranges. Nice touch! Oranges are wonderful! I also sent a box to my dad, he was thrilled as these are very hard to find organic! Thank you to the farmer for your hard work! Good value for great produce!

I grew up eating the dried jujubes in soups. I haven't had these in a long time. Just received these today. They are in great condition and taste delicious! Even more delicious than I remembered. My Dad also tasted one and agreed that it was really good. Can't wait to send some to my Uncle and Aunt! Thank you for a great, healthy, organic product! :)