Hanging Mountain Farms LLC

5 out of 5

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At Hanging Mountain Farms we raise pastured chickens and eggs and specialize in the Delaware Breed , a heritage breed that is on the ALBC critical list. We recently started a project raising another endangered breed, Dexter cattle. In season, we also have spring summer and fall vegetables. Our main focus however will be egg production. Our hens are not confined in a cage or pen. They produce a fresh egg that tastes better than a store bought egg. We finally have our new crop of chickens in production. We have fresh eggs available now! Ted and Carlene Perry

We sell at the farm and and I have started selling at the Woodstock locally grown market (Woodstock.locallygrown.net).
5 out of 5
Jessica Whealy

We have been purchasing eggs from Hanging Mountain Farms for about 6 months. The quality and taste of the eggs has been superior, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are feeding our children fresh, free-range eggs from healthy chickens is priceless. We have been really happy that we sought out Mr. Perry's farm. He has been very easy to work with in terms of when we can come and pick up eggs, etc. We highly recommend these eggs and this farm!