Harvey Creek Boer Goats

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Harvey Creek Boer Goats is located in the beautiful, piney, hills above Lake Roosevelt between Davenport and Kettle Falls. I breed Boer meat goats and sell frozen cuts of goat meat at Humble Earth and South Perry farmers markets in Spokane, and through numerous other sales outlets. I also offer live goats for sale off the farm, both for breeding purposes and for meat. Our meat goats are raised without growth hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, or steroids.

We also have a large garden with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that we also sell at the farmers markets. On-the-farm produce sales are also available for interested consumers. We are not certified organic due to the expense involved, but we garden organically. We grow the following fruits and vegetables for sale: raspberries, everbearing strawberries (produce berries all summer), limited quantities of nectarines, spinach, lettuce, super sweet corn, English cukes, a wide variety of tomatoes including heirlooms, flat green beans, beets, carrots,broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini - yellow, green, and striped Italian, yellow crookneck and straightneck.

Thursdays - 3pm - 7pm at South Perry Farmers Market\nSundays - 10am - 3pm at Humble Earth Farmers Market\nAre applying for vendor status at the Spokane Farmers Market
5 out of 5
Jane Keolker

I've had their goat meat and it's delicious. Hannah will give you recipes if you are unfamiliar with goat meat too. She shiped the meat UPS and it arrived still frozen.