Hemlock Hill Farm

5 out of 5

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As one the oldest working farms in Westchester County, The De Maria Family has been striving to provide the community with all natural, wholesome farm raised products for over 70 years! It is our aspiration to preserve what is left of family farming in the beautiful Hudson Valley. We offer something to the local community no one else can. The Lambs, Goats, and Cattle continually graze on over 100 acres of pasture. The Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys are all free-range as well. We also have Pigs, Rabbits, and occasionally Guinea Fowl, Pheasants, and Quail. When the animals are not grazing outside, they are eating all natural grains. They are never given hormones or antibiotics, guaranteeing you healthy quality meat. The farm has a butcher shop and store front offering products, such as: Fresh Chicken, Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Bacon, Sausage, Honey, vegetables seasonally, and more. If you are interested in buying large quantities of meat please allow up to 2 weeks for the order to be fulfilled. To receive further detail on ordering meat, please call. (914) 737-2810 or visit us at www.hemlockhillfarm.com

5 out of 5
Jim Dempsey

After much researching on the web last year for a place to purchase a whole pig for a roast, I decided to try Hemlock Farms. I live on Long Island and considered local butchers but the price was over $3 a lb and I couldn't be sure of what I'd get. While it is a bit of a ride (a little over an hour on the highway) it's beautiful country and the farm is easy to find. I was pleasantly surprised by the help and service. Not only was the pig perfectly dressed, it tasted wonderful once roasted over an open fire. My friends and family enjoyed it so much, they want me to host another pig roast. So, I just ordered my next pig for a 4th of July party! Give it a try...you will not be disappointed. The price and service is great!

Kerri Fitzgerald

I went there for the first time today and and am so happy to have found this farm! I saw the movie Food Inc., and swear I will never buy meat from the supermarket again. I only live a few miles away and look forward to shopping with them in the future.


I had NO IDEA about this farm, despite having lived 4 miles away for about 4 years. After I found it (on this website) I've been a regular. I say "ditto" to everything that the other reviewers have posted. Everything here is exceptional...I've had the beef , chicken, pork, and rabbit. All are wonderful. Its what meat should taste like. Home made pork & chicken sausages (breakfast, italian, spinach/feta, herb&wine) are all great.

When we first moved to this area and found Hemlock Hill Farm, we started buying John DeMaria's chickens. Raised in suburban Texas (yes, there really is such a place!), I'd never tasted anything so fresh and real in my life. Now virtually all our meat comes from Hemlock Hill--everything except bison and venison--and we both feel better knowing all John's animals are treated right and taste right too! Can't wait to tuck into the lovely turkey we just got for Thanksgiving... Go, now, get one before he runs out!


This is what buying local is all about. Veggies, eggs and meat from the farm are great. John also sells additional products from other farmers and is happy to tell you where everything is from. Particularly like the yummy ground beef although I grind it a bit more for burgers.


Since discovering Hemlock Hill, I buy ALL my meat here. The beef is excellent, though the selection varies depending on when an animal has been butchered--but be aware that even cuts like chuck are better than most supermarket sirloin. Their turkeys at holiday time are the best you will find without mailordering at exhorbitant prices--they never fail to cook up very tasty and juicy, with no injected saline or other "additives". Their chickens are divine, and all the other product items I have purchased - sausages, bacon, eggs, etc. are excellent. Their ground beef makes the best burgers ever, and oh, don't let me forget--if you like lamb, buy anything they have --shanks, chops, stew meat. Supporting our local farms is very important, and the De Marias do a terrific job and deserve your business. Their prices are also very reasonable for the quality of product you get, especially in comparison to the inferior products you get at higher prices in "health food" stores like Mrs. Greens.

Amy Kefauver

I am thrilled to have found Hemlock Hill Farm. The farm is gorgeous, with happy animals and beautiful flowers everywhere. The meat, both frozen and fresh, from the farm store was delicious -- completely unlike anything you'd buy in a grocery store. The price per pound was about halfway between what you'd pay for the grocery store meat and for meat in the grocery store labeled "organic". I was very willing to pay the few extra dollars because the taste was noticeably better. It's important to me to buy meat that has been raised and slaughtered ethically and humanely. To find such a place in my neighborhood was almost too good to believe! Go visit Farmer John -- you won't regret it!