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Heritage Belle Farms is a diversified and sustainable family farm and ranch that operates on the high prairie of Calhan, Colorado, just 30 miles east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our farm produces pasture raised, grassfed, all-natural registered Texas Longhorn cattle, beef and humanely raised veal; humanely raised, sustainable pork; and free range eggs.

Our philosophy is simple. We strive to produce food that encompasses dignity, local economy, optimal nutrition and restores the ecological capital of our soils. Our mission is to create an agricultural business model that views the land as an ecological resource base, where livestock are not only the primary economic driver of our business, but also an important tool that we use to manipulate the land to achieve positive ecological outcomes.

Inspired by our family's commitment to live a natural and sustainable lifestyle were driven by our personal passion to raise livestock compassionately, and to improve the environment for generations to come. Proper pasture management principals are implemented because properly grazed pastures provide multiple benefits to our earth and environment:

�?� removes carbon dioxide from the air as efficiently as forested land �?� decreases methane and greenhouse gases �?� reduces top soil erosion �?� eliminates collection lagoons �?� eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers �?� improves rivers, lakes and groundwater supplies

Our pastures are never treated with any chemical forms of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or any other synthetic chemicals. The native Pikes Peak prairie grasses that our livestock feed upon, and our animal's outstanding quality of life, combine to produce meat that is leaner, higher in omega-3 fatty acids and completely free of man-made additives. Our gardens are grown and our livestock are raised with an environmentally sustainable process called Holistic Management. The animals harvest the energy of the sun in the form of native forages (prairie grass). We carefully manage our livestock's grazing pattern to develop natural relationships between the land and the animals such as, hoof impact and fertilization which are so vital to the Great Plains. We try to mimic what once was provided by the herds of migrating bison, elk, deer and other herbivores. Our highly developed grazing plans seek to avoid damaging affects to our land by avoiding three types of land management that are commonly practiced that include: leaving the land to fallow, continuous grazing, or overgrazing. By raising our livestock as nature intended, unnecessary antibiotics (meaning we never administer routine antibiotics, but should an animal become sick, we will administer prescribed medicine, and will not allow that animal to die just to avoid antibiotics), synthetic growth hormones, or animal by-products are never necessary or used. We implement higher standards of care on our farm that minimize stress, increase comfort, and improve the safe handling of livestock, thus creating a more sustainable and delicious product.

\n Heritage Belle Farms is based in Calhan, CO 80808. We are NOT a public farm. Please make an appointment to visit the farm or to make a purchase. Thank you
5 out of 5
Chance Maggard

We are very please with our half of pork we purchased from Heritage Belle. The pork is tender and bursting with flavor.