Hidden Oasis CSA, LLC

5 out of 5

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Hidden Oasis CSA. LLC is a family owned and operated enterprise. We grow all of our produce using natural methods. We no longer use tractors or gas powered tools, thus reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. We have chosen instead to employ manual and heirloom methods of farming used by our ancestors. We have transitioned to an animal free produce growing system, embracing the vegan philosophy. The goal is to promote the health of the soil, and thus the health of the produce and plants that are grown in that soil.

Through our CSA we are able to know personally the people who are eating the produce we raise. In turn, the people eating the produce are able to know who is growing that produce. Each of us shares the desire to regenerate the earth and our bodies through raising and consuming naturally grown produce.

5 out of 5
Lauren Turner

We've been getting a bag of organic veggies from Hidden Oasis for several years. Great produce, at a great price, delivered to our door every week. Most deliveries include a few recipes. Lettuce, mixed greens, tomatoes, squashes, pears, berries, herbs -- great variety, changing weekly through the season.