High Mill Park

4 out of 5

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High Mill Park is a family owned and ran farm. It all started when someone dropped off a peahen. We had so much fun with her, that we got some egg laying hens. Each year we add something to the farm, goats, ducks, sheep, quail, new fruit trees... and we're still expanding in attempts to improve our household self sufficiency along with educate and involve the community.

We've been hit pretty hard with the coyote population so our herds and flocks are small this year. We're looking forward to growing again once we fix our fences.

4 out of 5

Janee's Bountiful Harvest CSA is one of the highlights of living in Massillon. In the last six years I have watched High Mill Park transform from a sporadically used swim park into a robust farm with multiple gardens, hatcheries, exotic birds and animals and a friendly and knowledgeable family always willing to have me over for a lesson in gardening and a home-cooked, homegrown meal. Janee's gardens are large and diverse. She is always experimenting with growing unusual varieties of plants and she is always open to new ideas and suggestions. Another highlight of the weekly veggie pick-up is Janee's Cooking In Season newsletter. She writes about her weekly adventures on the farm and includes a recipe for whichever vegetable is new or unusual that week. It is quite lovely considering Janee is a very engaging writer. After two years of working through the kinks of starting a new CSA, I am excited and looking forward to another season at High Mill Park.-Bethani

Kate Pistone

This was my first experience with a CSA. Janee and High Mill Park were great. She is very informative and offered a great variety of fruits and vegetables. By August it was challenging to use everything that came in the basket. I felt the pressure and froze a lot. It is also a fun and friendly place, great fun to visit every week.

Kristine Liknes

This was our first summer to participate in a CSA. We all enjoyed it, even the kids. It forced us to sample some different vegetables that we wouldn't have otherwise tried. True (as I read in one review) sometimes, you may not get a lot of any one thing, but I found that just encouraged me to be all the more resourceful or creative. For instance, if there's just a couple red beets in a basket, I cook and combine them with a can of beets from the grocery store to make pickled red beets and eggs. And I have come up with some other vegetable medleys in order to use a squash or two with a few tomatoes,etc. . .We also like the idea of supporting local agriculture and thus, the local economy too - that's important to us.Thank you Janee and everyone at High Mill Park for a wonderful, flavorful summer season. We look forward to seeing you again next year.Best Regards, The Liknes Family

Dominique Copelin

Janee is very nice to deal with and the atmosphere is very pleasant as well. High Mill Park comes highly recommended by us!

Ken Meyer

Last year we joined High Mill Park's CSA. It was always entertaining to see the Peacock and other animals. Janee and the others were always nice and informative. The veggies and fruits were always tasty and fresh. The variety of heirloom and the unusual was great and we were able to try some new things. However, there was no rhyme nor reason to the share sizes so it was very sparse and inconsistent. There isn't much to do with 3 baby red potatoes and 6 string beans. Knowing how small the farm is I am not sure if it was an over sale of shares or just inexperience.I see this year they are joining with others so maybe that will not be an issue.Hopefully they offer a consistent size (bushel,half bushel, etc). We wish them well but have chosen to join a different CSA this year.