Homestead Basket

5 out of 5

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Just doing our part...

We promise to do our best to provide products that are free from genetically modified ingredients through the use of organic products that utilize local resources to create an environment that replenishes the planet through sustainability.

Saint George across from Canadays Grocer Saturday 9-12
5 out of 5
Mary Willis

I have purchased eggs, honey, beef and pork from Sharon for the last couple of years. I grew up on a farm in Kentucky and so I am loving all the wonderful things she grows. I can't wait for spring when the vegetables are ready to harvest. I refuse to buy eggs in a store and she definitely keeps me from having to grow my own garden. Thanks Homestead Basket and Sharon Robst!!

I buy fresh eggs from the homestead for the last yr. I've also bought their beef,pork and honey. It was all good and I like knowing it is fresh and made with no chemicals. I recommend trying their meats,honey,eggs and veg. The owners are friendly and honest which means alot to me.