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5 out of 5

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"An old farmhouse on a few acres" is the answer to the question, "how'd you end up out here?" Our small family of my husband, myself and my son were looking for the country life. We named our farm Hope Farms because HOPE grows wild. We've been doing things sustainably for a little over seven years now.

We raise our own meat, plant a garden that competes with the weeds every year and recently have begun to expand our egg-laying flock. We have over 29 hens.

We have EGGS! Lots and lots of truly fresh eggs from happy chickens, fed an animal by-product-free diet and allowed to roam the pasture, scratch, dust bathe and bask in the light of the North Carolina sun.

While we can't say we're organic or certified anything for that matter, what we are is a family that enjoys the bit of sustainable farming that we do and would like to share what we grow with our community. By raising and keeping happy healthy chickens that give us their eggs, we can do that.

Give us an email or a call, we'll be happy to talk to you!

Check out our website at www.hopefarms.co

Having a greenhouse enables us to offer produce earlier in the season; we plan to have greens and salad lettuces early in the season as well as other late produce. Here at the farm, Eggs are available from our store front farm stand 6 days a week.\n\nCall first for availability and pricing: 910-220-5960\n\nThank you for stopping by Hope Farms!\n \n \n
5 out of 5

Hope Farms always has high quality produce. My favorite is their kale. However, I have also really enjoyed their Swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, herbs, squash, & much more! The eggs from Hope Farms are always high quality with rich orange yolks (thanks to their free ranging hens). Nothing compares to the flavor of their eggs.***Sheila is always willilng to answer questions, suggest cooking methods & storage recommendations. In addition, Hope Farms doesn't use chemicals. I can't say enough how wonderful their farm family is.

You can't go wrong with anything that Hope Farms produces. From the freshly-picked produce to the beautifully-colored eggs with deep orange yolks - it's all good. Sheila and her family don't just grow things on their beautiful four-acre farm - they put their hearts and souls into everything they do.If you've not yet experienced Hope Farms, what are you waiting for? You will never regret doing business with this wonderful family of farmers.

I have been buying produce and eggs from Hope Farms for almost a year. Everything is always fresh, any questions I may have are answered completely, and I always learn a lot from Sheila. I have complete confidence with her produce and eggs that my family is getting only the best! It gives me hope that my family can have fresh, healthy food at an affordable price!