Integrity Farm, CSA

4 out of 5

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We are a family owned and operated CSA, Community Supported Agriculture group located in Winfield, Missouri. We have been growing vegetables and herbs for over 30 years. We began growing for ourselves and our family, then expanded to selling our products and providing for church food pantries. It is our passion, our hobby, and our pleasure to grow fresh, healthy vegetables.

Now we are offering our products through our CSA. Heirloom varieties are among our favorites! Many seasons will see us trying 6-10 different tomatoes! We enjoy a variety of other vegetables as well and are always looking for new ones to add to our farm.

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4 out of 5
Nancy Benes

Last summer was our first experience with a CSA. The Dillon's brought a variety of produce that was fun and nutritious! Each week was like Christmas to see what we had in our bag. I was excited to see all the different things that I had never eaten before. I love providing this whole food nutrition for my family. Thanks for encouraging us to branch out and try new foods. The recipes you provided were easy and delicious too. We will be back this summer! Nancy

Steve Horina

Last year Integrity Farms was offering a "clearance sale" on end of season vegetables. I was able to purchase several bushels of tomatoes to can for the Winter. The tomatoes were perfect for my needs and the price was more than reasonable. I was one "Happy Canner"! After several conversations I am convinced that Matt and Sarah are committed to providing healthy, naturally grown produce (with a minimum of added "chemicals") to their CSA members. If you are hesitant to serve your family "chemical laden" produce,if you would like to know where your vegetables are coming from,if you would like to support "small sustainable agriculture",then I would not hesitate to recommend the CSA program from Integrity Farms!Steve H (Foley MO)

Joy Hamilton

Matt, Sarah, and Ethan are great individuals and a wonderful family to work with. I have been working with them for many years and have enjoyed the time. You will get what you asked for and more with Integrity Farm,

Sarah Hudson

We have all gone to the grocery store and bought "homegrown tomatoes"...to get home and slice it and take your first bite to think, "really this is home grown!" Just because it says "homegrown" at the market, does not mean it is of the best quality. I found this to be true the first time I took a bite from a tomato I bought from Integrity Farms...it truly had that "homegrown" taste of a good quality homegrown tomato! I have bought tomatoes from many local produce stands, markets, and local farmers, I've never had homegrown tomatoes like the one's at Integrity Farms! They taste just like I grew them in my own garden! Love this place! I have also had peppers and fresh eggs from them and everything I have got from them is always of the best quality! I would highly recommend this company!!!

Mike Dallas

I have been working with Matt, Sarah and Ethan for the last several years on our local garden at the the church. The Dillon's are absolutely fantastic people to serve with and assist with any needs regarding farming. The Dillon's are committed to (as their name implies) integrity. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get involved with fresh produce to them. They are committed to serving the community with produce that tastes fresh and with honesty. Mike D.

When Matt first told me that there Is a difference in taste in eggs bought at the store vs. free range chicken eggs I thought he might be exaggerating. Well, after getting my eggs from him and Sarah for the last several years I can tell you that he was definitely telling the truth! Occasionally I need to buy eggs at the grocery store and they just aren't the same :-( Also, I have been getting my tomato plants and pepper plants from Matt and Sarah for the last few years to plant in my garden. I love that they are heirloom and that there haven't ever been any pesticides used on any of their plants or produce. I'm looking forward to joining their CSA!

Lisa's Texas BBQ

I have been doing business with Integrity Farms for many years and Matt and Sarah are truly exceptional people. Last season I was lucky enough to sample some of their produce and it was extremely impressive. It had a real grown with LOVE taste! The heirlooms where perfect and the fruits and vegetables left me wanting more. Sarah was kind enough to give me fresh dill, parsley and thyme and they all where ultra-fresh and held for many weeks. Join them and I guaranty you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!