It's The Lord's Farm

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We are currently offering memberships for our 2013 season of our C.S.A. Our farm is operated by our growing family; we grow pesticide free, all natural produce. We strive to use Heirloom growing seeds and techniques, and to be good stewards of what the Lord has allowed us to care for. We use 'better than organic' soil enrichment and plant feeding practices, growing and creating a lot of our own herbal blends for feeding and pest management. We strive to manage the farm in a very sustainable way. Our desire is to share the wonderful, healthy produce we grow for our own family with other local area residents, primarily through a C.S.A. We raise grass fed, pesticide free Scotch Highland cattle for meat, and sell halves, quarters and wholes as available. (Due to high demand, we reccomend making a deposit on your beef in mid April, if possible). We keep a small flock of heritage breed chickens for eggs and meat, and milk several LaMancha dairy goats that fill all the dairy needs of our family, we also sell extra kids and milkers in the spring. Our Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd dogs do a great job of protecting our garden and livestock. We are happy to consider internships/ apprenticeships with committed people, and are willing to consider anyone who arrives willing to 'get their hands dirty' and open to learning. No certain amount of previous knowledge is needed.

We invite you to come visit our farm (by appointment, due to the busy nature of a farming family) to meet your local farmers and see where your food is produced.

Season : June through September

Since : 2010

Type : single farm

# of Shares : 40

Full Share: $500.00/ year with 10 hour mandatory work commitment, or $560.00/year without work commitment

1/2 Share: $300.00/year with 5 hour mandatory work commitment, or $335.00/year without work commitment

Work Req? No

5 out of 5
Julie Alberts

We joined 'It's the Lord's Farm' CSA last year & have been & continue to be so very impressed! I've gone from being a fairly ignorant 'garden girl', (though always striving to eat more healthy...) to being a fully ensconed, more educated person in a delicious,healthy eating style. They provide wonderful information (even to the beginner), wonderful food, amazing recipes, great fellowship & enough goat/children antics to keep me rolling while "working." (Is it really work when I'm having so much fun?) I would highly recommend this farm to all; I think most will also be 'so IMPRESSED!' My family & I thank you for all your hard work at It's The Lord's Farm.

Carole Peterson

I was able to be blessed last summer/fall by Julie and Aloar's farm produce. Such great variety in generous amounts. I wasn't expecting the added joy of experiencing the farm life, ie, the chickens, goats, flock guardian dogs and of course the owners delightful children. I can't say enough for the delicious fruits and vegetables, some of which I never had tried. I would truly recommend this farm to all.

Susan Batterton

I've purchased quite a bit of produce from It's the Lord's Farm. The produce has always been fresh and attractively displayed. They offer many unique heirloom varieties, and are generous with recipes and suggestions for preparation. They also offer handmade Goats' Milk Soap, which is wonderfully soothing to the skin, and comes in several luscious fragrances!

Andrea Watson

I was a member of their CSA last year. I loved the selection of fruits and vegetables I received steadily throughout the summer. Everything was fresh and wonderful. Julie and Aloar (the owners) were both friendly and helpful. They included recipes with the vegetables for ideas for some of the lesser known produce. Wonderful experience! I am planning on doing it again next year.