KiChiSaga Trading Co.

5 out of 5

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We hatch Marans chicks at intervals throughout the year. Catch us at the Lindstrom Farmer's Market for honey, wild rice and syrup. Call 651-257-3737

St. Bridget's parking lot in Lindstrom. Wednesdays from 3 to 6 pm and Saturdays 8 am to noon.
5 out of 5
Karen Cole

Ki Chi Sago Trading Co has fresh eggs raised from chickens on free range - their eggs are delicious with bright yellow yolks.These folks at Ki Chi Sago Trading Co are always finding new ways to please their customers: they have just recently purchased Maran chicken eggs from Florida to hatch. These new chickens will be a great addition to their impressive variety of chickens because Maran chickens lay eggs with dark brown shells. Can't wait to try these new dark brown eggs!


Ki Chi Saga Trading Co has great eggs. They are a good size, color, and flavor. The eggs are always clean!

Kathy King

Ki Chi Saga Trading Co. eggs are delicious! They are always very fresh tasting and have bright yellow yolks. My family enjoys the these eggs so much that we have an evening meal of them each week. The owner of these chickens and eggs is very friendly and always treats her customers with respect and kindness.Kathy King