Lions Gate Farm

5 out of 5

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Aloha! Try our 100% Kona coffee and macadamia nuts, direct from our family farm. We take our coffee from tree to roast in order to ensure the best cup for our customers. Our macadamia nuts are naturally grown with all the goodness that the Hawaiian sun can provide. We are proud to be pesticide free.

If you are visiting the Big Island, please drop in for a complimentary farm tour. Pick and crack your own nuts and feel free to sample any of our other 30 tropical fruits when they are in season!

Mahalo from the Shriner family at Lions Gate Farm

Located at 105 Mile Marker on Highway 11 in South Kona. Turn towards the ocean at the Lions Gate sign and come 0.25 miles down the hill to the main driveway.\n\nWe are open from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week. Please call in advance if you wish to have a complimentary walking tour of the farm.
5 out of 5
James B Miller

Super fast delivery and great tasting coffee.

Susan D Garten

Ok, now that I've finished my first bag of Kona from Lionsgate, I needed to return here and post a review. Simply the best. My first cup from Lionsgate took me back to 2006 when I visited the Big Island for the first time. I'll be ordering more Kona coffee from Lionsgate very soon, and a larger bag this time! Kona coffee is so smooooth - no acidic bite like pre-packaged coffees from the grocery store.Try it, you will love it! :-)P.S. Looking forward to my next visit to the Big Island, tentatively planned for sometime in 2013.

Susan D Garten

I've always said "I don't like macadamia nuts". But you know what? I don't think I ever really tasted one! I'm so glad I bought them from Lionsgate - I'll bet my first macadamia nut will now spoil me and I won't ever want to purchase them from the supermarket. In addition to the top-quality flavor, I was amazed at the fast shipping. Ordered Friday night (late) and received in the mail the following Thursday. I also ordered some items from California at the same time. They came a day later. Lionsgate (Hawaii) products got here first! Five stars for food quality and fast shipping!

Jeremy Olexa

Received 2 lbs of mac nuts very soon after order. Very tasty and well packaged. I ordered salted and unsalted raw nuts because I didn't know which I would like more. I prefer the salted kind. Do not hesitate to order mac nuts from Lions Gate Farm.

Stephen McCarty

We received our mac nuts very quickly and they are so delicious! Even more crisp and sweet than the macs we were devouring in Kauai a week before, when our mac addiction began. Thank you for a superior product!