Meadow Valley CSA Farm

5 out of 5

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Welcome to peaceful Meadow Valley!

We are a family owned and operated farm located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, NV. As a Community Sponsored Agricultural Farm (CSA-F), we offer home-grown vegetables that are planted and picked in each season when perfectly ripe.

We offer a weekly delivery service of a basket of various organic foods and a regular e-newsletter with recipes and farm news and progress. (Yes, we deliver right to your house or work!) Our baskets are seasonal and each one is different.

As a relatively new business, we hope our shareholders will learn and grow with us and give us lots of input! Already, we farm on a two acre plot of healthy Moapa land, the remaining area of this 20 acre farm has been growing alfalfa for many years.

The District in Henderson, NV, Thursdays 4-8 pm. March-June. August 28- December 2015
5 out of 5
Diana Lalor

I highly recommend the Meadow Valley CSA. The farm produce is delicious, the variety impressive, and the customer service is top notch.I have been a shareholder since the Omers started Meadow Valley CSA in fall 2009. Becoming a shareholder has truly been a positive, life-changing experience. Thanks to the CSA, I enjoy a greater range of produce and healthy food in my diet than ever before. The quality of the vegetables (and fruits, nuts, honey and other goodies!) surpasses that which can be purchased at any grocery store in the valley, and I feel protected knowing the source of my food.The weekly deliveries are very convenient. Due to my ever changing work schedule, it would have been difficult for me to join a CSA requiring scheduled weekly pickups.As a shareholder, I know I am welcome to visit the farm any time. The open houses are the most enjoyable time to do so, as they provide the opportunity to meet other shareholders in a festive atmosphere.Watching the farm grow over time has been very enjoyable, and something which I continue to look forward to as the fall 2010 season begins.