Moondance Meadows

5 out of 5

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Moondance Meadow will no longer offer shares in 2009 as a Community Supported Agriculture farm. We are transitioning to a permaculture growing model and will focuss attention on nurturing perennial fruit and nut crops. The family farm grows a wide variety of produce without the use of synthetic insecticides and herbicides. Our growing techniques enhance the flavor of the produce we grow. We are commited to growing for local markets in a manner that helps sustain and preserve the earth's resources for future generations. This includes the use of solar energy, soil building techniques, and the preservation of meadows, marshes, and woodlands to promote bio-diversity. We welcome you to the harvest. Choose local flavors.

Considering sales in Waupaca, Plover and Stevens Point.
5 out of 5
Bonni Miller

We've used Moondance Meadows produce at our restaurant, the Chez Marche Cafe, for two years now and we love it. The farm exhibits a total dedication to quality that we appreciate and draw inspiration from. We look forward to watching the evolution of Moondance Meadows as they embrace permaculture models and become even more commited stewards of their beautiful property. And we're proud to use their excellent produce at the Chez. Bonni Miller, cook/owner, Chez Marche Cafe, Waupaca, WI.