Nistock Farms

5 out of 5

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Sheep came to Nistock Farms in 1990. Since that time, the flock has been carefully expanded to provide our customers with the highest quality fiber, breeding stock and mild, wholesome freezer lamb as possible. Our flock of 90 adults includes registered white and colored Cotswolds (a rare heritage breed), crossbred colored sheep in fine, medium and long wools registered with the Natural Colored Wool Growers Association, and crossbred white sheep retained in the flock because of their outstanding fiber and general characteristics. Crossbred sheep contain mixes of Border Leicester, Cotswold, Romney, Finn, Corriedale, Rambouillet and Romeldale breeds. Fleeces for handspinning are kept covered all year for supreme cleanliness! Sheep are raised almost entirely on pasture and forage grown here. We raise and bale our own hay. We also raise the corn and oats on which the grain ration is based. (Fed as a supplement during lambing and gestation and as a creep for the lambs.) Sheep mineral mix and salt are fed free-choice. The flock is vaccinated against tetanus and clostridial diseases and dewormed only on an as-needed basis. NO growth hormones, stimulants or prophylactic antibiotics are fed or otherwise administered. Our sheep lead low-stress happy lives in a clean, safe environment. Their health and well being is our top priority, and the sheep live their lives as naturally as is practical. Lambs bound for the table are slaughtered at about 9 months of age which coincides with a live weight of 110 - 120 lbs. The resulting tanned sheepskins are large and beautiful!

5 out of 5
Diana Pozen

I have ordered roving from Nistock, and I am very pleased. The colors listed on the website are off, so read the color descriptions to get a better feel for the product. The wool spins like a dream! I wish, though, that more options would become available and the color choices look so tempting!