Panther Creek Farm & Blacksmith Shop

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In 1996 we moved back to the old family farm and began working on getting it back in operation. It's been hard but gratifying work, and we have expanded our produce gardens every year. We now raise about 2 acres of produce, and honeybees, and chickens. I got laid off from my surveying job during the winter months, tried selling blacksmith work on ebay and made enough to avoid going back to the surveying job. Now I can work in the shop in the morning and farm the rest of the day, a dream come true. You can access my iron work at panthercreekforge.com We raise potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes, cane for mollassis, pumpkins, cornmeal corn and much more. Thanks for reading about us and if there is anything I can do for you, please contact me.

Sincerely, Mark Spencer Fenwick Mt. West Virginia, Nicholas county

For Produce... Panther Creek Farm Fenwick WV, Mon-Sat. 8am -8-pm
5 out of 5
Jim Heath

I have just found out about this man and his great attempt to restore an old family farm into a working, viable business. I applaud him greatly, and wish that I had the nerve to do the same. From looking at his work on line and on E-Bay, the iron craftsmanship is extra-ordinary and the prices are the most reasonable that I have ever seen. Even going to my local forger in Columbia, SC, he can't match these prices even when shipping is put into the equation. And he's not very imaginative. If I ordered 15 pieces they would all look EXACTLY alike, but I think that if I wanted 15 pieces from PANTHERCREEKFARM, and expressed the fact that they should all be the "SAME", but "DIFFERENT" that the artist/owner would know what I was talking about and provide me with wonderful complementary pieces that would work in a 1939 mountain cabin. All you have to do is go to PANTHERCREEKFORGE.COM and read this incredible story. Thank you Mark and your un-named but loved wife. Jim