Peace by Piece Farm on Boyd Run

5 out of 5

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We are three partner farms located in Northwest Pennsylvania. We raise vegetables and some fruits for our CSA customers and local farmers markets. We are chemical free and use sustainable practices. We also have flocks of free range laying hens and raise free range meat chickens and a limited number of Bourbon Red turkeys.

Goodall Garden Farmers Market \n221 Waterford Street\nEdinboro, PA \nWednesdays 3-6pm. \n\nLittle Italy Farmers' Market\nSt. Paul's Church\n16th and Walnut Street\nErie, PA \nMondays 3:30pm - 6:30pm
5 out of 5

Great second cut hay, so soft and green and nutritious....yum Jerry & Jane (the draft worker horses) sure love it! Lots for sale at the farm.

Loving the rain--I bet the lettuces are peeping through!

It has never been easier to eat fresh and local now that there are many choices of CSA's in Erie area...but in my neck of the woods Peace by Piece is the way to go! Great but humble people doing good work for many. Peace

Peace by Piece farmers, Cyndy and Judy, spoke at the Penn State master gardeners monthly meeting held at the TREC on April 9th; where they gave a very informative understanding of what they as farmers do and how their CSA is run. I am excited to see what this season will bring in my basket! I'm in for a 1/2 share! Peace.... Eating Fresh and Local through my CSA.