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**Application process closed for the season** Please visit www.HarvestMichigan.com We supply them with some of the produce they fill their boxes with. They are a reputable CSA that take great pride in where they source their produce. For a direct link to their CSA page please copy and paste the following address: http://www.localharvest.org/harvest-michigan-csa-M63879

Hello and thank you for finding our listing! The 2015 Rochester Hills CSA is in its second year of operation. We had a great first season and we have high hopes that it will be better the second time around!

What we specialize in: A personable experience - Travis Schulert and his fiance Maranda Baker are the sole owners and operators of the CSA. We enjoy getting to know the family and hearing news and updates about the kids, especially which vegetables they loved this week.

Freshest food on earth - Everything you get in your baskets this summer will be picked the morning of. All produce is grown on site, nothing is imported from other farms.

Nutrient Density - I cannot stress enough the importance of nutrient density. "You are what you eat" can not only be said about you and I, but about anything that grows in the earth. For plant life the food is the soil itself and the web of microbes and nutrients which are symbiotically working with the plant are the catalyst in which it is fed. Any vegetable is only as nutrient dense as the soil it is grown in. USDA states 3 macro nutrients and 16 micro nutrients for optimum plant growth is needed, but did you know there are over 75 nutrients and minerals plants will readily uptake if you supply it to them? We add over 70 nutrients and minerals to our soils each year, all organically sourced and OMRI listed. Each plant works symbiotically with the universe of microbes in the soil and in turn is offered a buffet to choose from, happy soil = happy plants and happy plants = happy people.

We use Bio-Dynamic/Bio-intensive practices throughout our garden. What this means is a much closer relationship with our garden. We companion plant most of our crops to help ward off insect and disease, by utilizing each plants specific chemical makeup you can use the benefits and deterrents of each plant to help naturally and effortlessly keep your garden healthy. This all adds to the nutrient density and overall taste of our product. Anyone can grow vegetables, but what we offer is a more complete and natural product. When those extra steps are taken the end result is more flavor and higher nutrient density.

Please refer to the chart at the bottom of this webpage for the vegetables you will receive this spring/summer/fall. The chart is interactive and you must press the different tabs for each season to see what is available at each point in the year. Please let me know what produce you are most interested in this year and I can customize the garden to suit more needs.

5 out of 5
Maria Cox

We are extremely pleased with our vegetables, communication, delivery and the service provided by Travis and Maranda. We have received wonderful produce that we are both familiar with and some we have never tried before. The quality and the taste of the produce is exceptional as well as the quantity and variety. We have also appreciated the ease of communicating with Travis and his quick response to our questions and information he shares. The shared e-mails from other members have given us great tips and ideas for preservation of our veggies and recipes to enjoy them. We look forward to the rest of season and some healthy eating.

Dale G

Travis provides a bundle of goodness every week. Packed with nutrients, these farm fresh veggies are the kind of foods your parent's parents had access to many years ago, before the supermarket food prison took over. Support local farmers, like the Rochester Hills CSA. :)

I'm loving the incredibly fresh veggies I get every week from Travis and Maranda at the Rochester Hills CSA. Travis is delivering exactly what he promised. The "dragon tongue" beans and the regular green beans were incredible. The cucumber had a taste that only a fresh picked cucumber can have. Keep up the good work.

I have been enjoying my fresh organic produce so much this summer! This is my first season with Rochester Hills CSA. The drop off site has been nicely convenient, the variety of produce is expanding my recipe collection as well as treats for my palate. I have been recommending it to co-workers & neighbors. Thank you Travis for this valuable service & delicious vegetables!