Sinclair Family Farm

5 out of 5

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Sinclair Family Farm is family owned and operated in Placer County, California. Our cattle and sheep graze on the hillsides of the foothills throughout the year on a rotational grazing process, foraging on their natural diet. We have added pastured pork to our product list, as well as our laying hens and pastured poultry. They graze throughout the day as well as forage on their natural diet of insects and pasture.

While not certified organic, our pastures are untreated with pesticides or other chemicals and our cattle, lambs, pork and poultry are not treated with any antibiotics or growth hormones..

Our meat products at Sinclair Family Farm are processed through a USDA processing plant, using humane practices. Our beef, lamb and pork are available in individual cuts that are vacuum sealed. Our poultry is processed at a USDA facility and packaged whole. Our eggs are available in a variety of sizes including jumbo, large, medium and small, as well as by the flat or case

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5 out of 5
Beckie Perell

I've tasted Sinclair Family Farms lamb at many local events and they changed my taste buds when it comes to lamb. Also grass-fed beef is remarkable when you know how it was raised. Very sustainable and I'd recommend them whole-heartedly.

Silke Pflueger

Have been getting lamb here for a year, and have convinced lamb haters that this is really good meat. Many of my guests now also get lamb from Sinclair Family Farm. Since the summer, they started having eggs. I've had many pasture raised eggs, nearly never buy any in the store. However, Karin's eggs are the best I ever had. I never thought you can taste a difference in eggs - but you clearly can!

Went to this great farm couple of weeks ago and got some wonderful eggs. Great for baking, boiling, fantastic omelettes! Will be going back soon. It really makes a difference compared to store bought eggs.