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Slowsprings Farm distributes wholesale wild fed gourmet Quail and Quail eggs.. Private reserved orders taken with 30 day advance notice required.

Our Apricot and Apple orchard are available for picking, July thru September depending on the year and frosts.
5 out of 5
Amber Kahler

As a Registered Nurse, I hear doctors and dieticians tell my patients time and time again, "you must make healthier food choices". I work on a Cardiac floor at one of the biggest hospitals in the nation, so I've seen an incredible amount of health issues: Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and many more. The thing that has surprised me the most is that nearly all of these disease can be prevented and/or controlled by the food choices we make and some light exercise. I see my patients (and myself) struggle with these issues so I thought I would start researching foods that make a difference in your health and in return your life. Surprisingly to me, I found that Quail eggs are one of the most heart/body friendly things to introduce in your diet. They have practically no LDL (loser) cholesterol and have higher doses of protein, vitamins ,and minerals than chicken eggs, and one of the best things is that they can lower blood pressure! I was excited to try these eggs and also surprised how easy it was to get them from Slowsprings Farm, a family run farm in Durango, Colorado. The owner Tonya Sakadinsky was very knowledgeable regarding the nutritional value and the organic way of raising these little birds who produce these "power house" eggs. These eggs were delicious, I couldn't believe how an egg could taste so rich and fresh, nothing like 6 month plus old grocery store eggs. Unbelievable! Tonya is a nationally know animal trainer and has also worked for the Health department in the state of Colorado, she really knows her stuff! I started telling my patients about them and how easy they are to get and what a difference they can make in our health. Sure, enough my patients cholesterol and blood pressure started improving and there overall blood lab values improved too! Even the doctors and staff started ordering them!What a find! I will forever be thankful for these eggs, and the Slowsprings Farm for teaching me, and in return my patients that it's not as hard as we think to improve our health, one egg at a time! Slowsprinss Farm is purely organic (hard to find) and that makes all the difference in the health qualities of the eggs.Thanks Tonya, you have taught me so much!!!!!