Southern Essence Acres

5 out of 5

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Southern Essence Acres is a small homestead in Youngsville, NC. We sell eggs, handcrafted soaps, organic vegetables when available and Nigerian Dwarf kids. Visit our site at www.southern-essence.com

Our soaps are 100% Biodegradable and 100% Natural. All of my soaps are carefully handcrafted from natural ingredients. My soaps are human tested which means they are never tested on animals, and are 100% biodegradable. At Southern Essence “natural” means more than just “no chemicals.” Each bar is natural soap in its true, pure form. That means you get all the soap's rich, naturally occurring moisturizing ingredient – glycerin; making them a great choice for dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin. All of my cold process handmade soaps are made from scratch with pure vegetable oils. These soaps will leave your skin soft and smooth without residue. The bars have been cured for 4 weeks or longer which means you receive a hard, long lasting bar of pure soap. There are no dyes in any of my products, I use only natural colorants such as clays, herbs and flowers and fruits.

5 out of 5

I bought some soap from Southern Essence for my wife for her birthday. She loved them. I really like them too. The soaps are all natural and biodegradable which is a major plus.The folks at Southern Essence Acres are really friendly. I respect their desire to raise their gardens and livestock organically. I hope to start purchasing vegetables and eggs in the spring and summer.I recommend this farm to anyone looking for organic produce, fresh eggs and biodegradable soaps.