Southtown Farms

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Southtown Farms is an old fashioned mixed livestock farm. We raise chickens, pigs, turkeys and ducks for your table. All of our animals are pasture raised and free range. We emphasize our animals ability to forage for natural foods that they can find in there environment. Any supplemental feed given to our animals is locally grown, and organic. We do not use GMO's on our farm. Please follow the links below to our Facebook and Twitter page which is constantly updated with information on our farm and where you can find our products.

We are now accepting members for our 2014 chicken CSA.

We sell year round at the Ramsey Farmers Market, and at the Nyack Farmers Market.
5 out of 5
Nancy Pellegrine

These are the best eggs I have ever had. My family noticed the difference from the first bit! FRESH