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Hello! Welcome to The Farm page! We are currently getting ready to start in the greenhouse.


Co-Op Farmers Market\nLocation: Newark Natural Foods Co-Op \n280 East Main Street\n Newark, Delaware 19711 \n\nDays of Operation: Sunday\n\nHours of Operation: 10:00AM - 2:00PM \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nTrolley Square Farmers Market \nLocation: 1727 Delaware Avenue (at the corner of Scott Street). \nWilmington, DE 19806\n\nDays of Operation: Tuesdays \n\nHours of Operation: 4:00-7:30PM\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCentreville Farmers' Market\nCanby Grove Park Rt. 52 & Twadell Mill Road\nCentreville DE 19807\n\nDays of Operation: Thursdays\n\nHours of Operation: 11:00 to 3:30PM
4 out of 5

We were members of a CSA in the midwest for 11 years and when we moved here we tried 3 other CSAs before finding The Farm Stuff. Beautiful produce and delicious, with wonderful variety, plus fruit and eggs. We missed it terribly when it was over and I can't wait for the beginning of farm season this year! We haven't made it for a farm visit yet but we hope to get there this year.

Kate Flack

This is our 3rd year with Mandy and Tara. We love the CSA. Our family gets 1 and 1/2 shares (7 people). We get SO much produce for a VERY fair price. We are able to freeze quite a bit every year. So many perks - lots of produce, extra when picking is heavy, delivery, eggs, flowers, herbs, meats and chicken at a discount...the list goes on and on. We bought a 1/2 steer from them as well this year and are very pleased. Our kids love to go and visit the farm - and we do go - often! The best perk of all is getting to know great friends - Mandy, Tara, Diane, Ashley. All wonderful people! And you would not believe the end of season dinner they put on...WOW!

Jonell Carter

We are entering our 2nd year with The Farm Stuff and we love them. We have 3 children and 1 on the way and they all love going to the farm. It has taught them so many lessons: supporting local farmers, eating healthy, trying different things, eating seasonally. We opted to pick-up last year, rather than take advantage of their generous "free drop-off" offer. It really seemed to be the best way to get the most out of the experience and your money. They would allow us to occasionally swap an item...or take more or less of an item. They are very flexible, but we are too, we are open to trying new things. Mandy loves to chat and offer advice on cooking or tell you how the crop is doing. There is really a great connection to what you are feeding your family. She also gave our kids (and us) a great tour of their beautiful little farm...and my kids just love visiting their animals.I researched a lot of farm and this one seemed to be the best for many reasons... An incredible mix of crop (unbelievable how much they grow) They swap with another local farmer so you get some items that they don't grow as well. Free Delivery Lower than average price Eggs every week Organic (not certified, but we understand why...very costly) Very friendly family Flexible with their crop (swap items etc.) Extra weeks if you are willing to pick-up...if they have crop ready before or after the start/end date they are willing to share. 20% off of their organic meats So many other, I just can't list them all!

Katie Walters

On a nice Saturday drive in the country we came across a cute little farm with signs posted at the end of the drive. We decided to check it out. At the end of their stone lane sits a beautiful farm house, abundant flower beds, geese, fuzzy chickens, a pet turkey and chicken, a cat named Baily, and I cant forget that sheep. To the left of the drive sits an adorable Vegetable stand. Ashli (niece in-law), who works their on Saturdays with her small children in tow, is very charming. She has alot to say and is very helpful with your selections. Mandy, the owner, was working in the field with her nephew and daughter. This farm was right out of a book. I loved the selections of fruit, vegetables, and meats. Everything was very tasty. This year we are going to sign up for a CSA. This Farm is highly recomended!

Jamie Gradoville

This is my husband and my first year with a CSA & The Farm Stuff. We have a half share and find that it is perfect for us right now. We've had a wonderful time trying out new veggies - Diane is always extremely helpful with suggesting how to cook things and most importantly, what the heck half of the stuff is! It's been a great learning tool and of course the health & environmental benefits from buying local and supporting family farms is a great benefit too!What I like about this CSA is the ability to "trade out" things - We go through many eggs in our home and they are always willing to give us a dozen instead of the 1/2 that comes with our share and trade something out for it. If you are considering purchasing a CSA we say go for it! It has saved us money and is fun to go not knowing what your basket will look like week after week. With any CSA, I think the best part is being able to visit the farm and see where your food is growing and who is growing it. It's been very rewarding and a great experience! THANKS!

Dee Fell

Last year I began purchasing produce from the Lamborn's Centreville Farmer's Market stand on a weekly basis and opted for a CSA this year. What a treat! The produce is wonderful, the eggs tremendous and now I purchase a majority of all my meats from Mandy and Tara. My family is still talking about the turkey from last Thanksgiving and the holiday is just around the corner. We cannot wait.This family exemplifies the true meaning of family farming and are so kid-friendly. Thank you to allDee

Ian Pryor

My wife and I decided to join up with Mandy and The Farm Stuff this year. So far we are two weeks in and couldn't be happier. Mandy has introduced us to some great new produce however, she's also willing to substitute if there is just something you don't like! They are very accommodating and helpful for us being first timers. I highly recommend The Farm Stuff!

janet Williams

This was our first CSA membership, what a great experience! Fresh food every week, yum, and the Farm Stuff family are wonderful people. The product was always fresh with a great variety. Try the meats a good selection.

Marilyn Huebner

I was extremely pleased with the entire operation of The Farm Stuff. This was the first time I ever did this. I would do it again, but I might have to do a half share. You get a huge amount of food. The people are great- Diane, Tara, and all the rest-very helpful with recipes and what to do with different vegetables. The fruits and vegetables and eggs were always fresh and delicious!!! I LOVED the honey and homemade soap and granola that I also bought!!!! I gave the soap for Christmas gifts, and they were my best gifts. People raved about the natural products!!!! I wish you much continued success in your endeavors!!!!!! Peace. Marilyn H.

Stephanie Hood

We did a CSA with this farm this year. Started in June 2009 and just ended. Could not have been happier. I highly recommend them.. The meat and poultry is very good too.Stephanie

I am signing up for shares at The Farm Stuff!! I'm very grateful this will save me time running to Whole Foods. I spoke with Mandy at The Farm Stuff, she was helpful and very accommodating . They offer more than I had imagined. Two thumbs up so far. Happy cooking everyone!!!!!!!! Only good wishes to The Farm. Michelle Coppola Edgewater Park, NJ