The Hickories

5 out of 5

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The Hickories has been growing food for Ridgefielders for over two hundred years. We are committed to providing local food for our neighbors who participate in CSA and to visitors who purchase food from our farm stand. Our vegetables are certified organic through the Baystate Organic Certifiers.

Jan-June: Friday - Sunday 10am-5pm\nJune-September: 7 days a week 11am-6pm\nSept-December: Friday-Sunday 10am-5pm\n
5 out of 5
Kerri Austin

Dina Brewster who runs The Hickories as a family legacy is an amazing woman. The same is true for everyone who works so hard every day to run the farm as smoothly as it does. I volunteered for one HOT, July morning last year, and am ashamed to say that was it for me! This CSA is run so seemlessly and yet allows for all of us to walk the fields, allow our children to pick all season long, from blueberries, to raspberries to tomatoes. My kids now eat everything we put on their plates because they see where it comes from. We also take part in the pork shares every year. I am VERY thankful that we have such an amazing resource for locally, organically grown food right here in our own town. They have inspired me to spread the word to everyone I know. I hope you do as well.