Triple H Farms

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Welcome to Triple H Farms! Triple H Farms is an alpaca farm located in the heart of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina. My name is Tanya, and I adore my herd of huacaya alpacas! If you love the soft feel and lightweight warmth of alpaca, you will love our handspun yarn! Alpaca yarn is warm, luxurious and extremely plush. Our alpaca yarn is completely homemade and is from our own animals that we clean, card, spin and wash! Our colors range from fawn, light browns to dark bays and even true black. We also have a range of grey available from smoke to grey charcoal. If you have never worn alpaca you should give it a try! It is extremely soft and warm but lightweight! Stay warm with silky soft alpaca without 15 layers of clothing! Our customers rave about how warm their feet stay in our alpaca socks.

Our handspun alpaca yarn is very soft, lightweight and original. Each skein of yarn is prepared by hand picking any hay or trash in the fleece. This time depends on how much debris is in the fleece. We try to clean as much as possible on each animal before shearing. After picking, the fleece goes in our tumbler, which is a giant cage that rotates. This cage flips the fleece around like a dryer would, and shakes any loose dirt or hay out of the fiber. After this step, I take the fleece out and begin to card. The carder is a large drum with teeth that aligns the fiber all in one direction. I put it through a couple times and pick any debris out in-between reruns of the carder. After this step, the fiber is in long rectangular sheets that I split in 2-3 smaller rectangles. Then comes the fun part of spinning! I usually make a worsted weight 2-ply yarn from the same alpaca but sometimes, I get funky and blend different colors to make it change throughout the skein. Please email for additional pictures and information. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

5 out of 5
Gloria Brinkley

I have always been impressed with Tanya, one of the owners of Triple H Farms and have ordered scarves, socks, etc. from her and have always been very pleased!!! It is so important to me to do business with someone that loves their animals...to her, they are more than just "a product", they are her "pets" and the care and attention she and her husband David give their alpacas and other animals are top-notch. I have used her as a source of information for my own farm animals.

Elinor Hiltz

5 stars!

Doug Hiltz

Imagine you are driving down an old boring highway counting the miles as they go by and wishing you were in a place of serenity and calmness. Well look no further than Triple H Farms. An easy hop right-off of highway 74 on to Chauncey Town Road takes you to a place of wonder, joy, and yes, alpacas. This farm has everything alpaca lovers and farmers could want from chickens and horses to sheep and goats. There is even a blind rescue pony named Stevie who weenies as you walk on by. The work and craftsmanship that has gone into turning this sleepy ten acre corn field into a common ground for alpaca shearing and breeding is incredible.Take a drive to Triple H Farms and be amazed.