Whitefield's Family Farm

5 out of 5

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Whitefield's Farm is a diversified operation located in the small community of Thurman. My husband, Don and I raise cage free, all natural chickens and turkeys. We have just recieved our NYS 5A processing license and can now sell to restaurants. We are also selling ground turkey, turkey breakfast and italitan sausages, and boneless, turkey and chicken cuts. We raise a large variety of all natural produce. We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no hormones or antibiotics in the animals feed. We do treat sick animals, but will let customers know if that has been done. One of my special garden offerings is salad greens, a spicy mix with arugula and lime streaked and red veined mizunas and at least 5 other types of lettuce. We sell fresh brown eggs which are also all natural. We are no longer selling piglets. We will continue to sell our pork products which are from our pigs processed at Locust Grove Slaughterhouse in Argyle. We also produce a limited amount of Maple Syrup. We love to show people our beautiful fieldstone barn and have them meet our many animals.

Warrensburg, NY across from Curtis Lumber on 418 Fridays from 3PM-6PM\nPlease note there are no sales before 3PM
5 out of 5
Kristina Kabrehl

I have been a customer of this farm since 2005 and have been consistently amazed by the quality of product they offer and the wonderful customer service. Don always happily answers any questions that I have about the animals and is happy to take me on a tour of the barnyard. I buy from their farm and also at the Warrensburg farmers market on Friday afternoons June-October.