Whites Jersey Dairy

5 out of 5

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White's Jersey Dairy provides a loving home to 10 registered Jersey cows. They all have names and graze freely in our beautiful lush pastures. They are not given any hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals. When they come in for milking they eat a locally made all natural grain.

The dairy sells SC state inspected and permitted RAW milk.(permit # 12313) Not pasteurized or homogenized. Very creamy, very fresh, very delicious. We are 1 of only a few dairies in SC to have raw milk.

We charge $5.00 per gallon and have many repeat customers who are happy customers.

Please call and ask for Wilbur.864-895-2358

5 out of 5
Heather Harley

I noticed the last review given on Whites Jersey Dairy was a few years ago, so I thought it was time to give a current review. My family and I went to the farm to pick up milk a couple days ago, and we are very pleased with the quality of the milk. It is creamy, tasty and soooo fresh. Everything was very clean at the farm, and Mr. White is nice to deal with. His price is good too, comparable to good organic milk in Earth Fare and $1 less than a farm near Columbia. I won't be driving to Columbia any more. His Jerseys are giving me perfectly WONDERFUL milk. Thank you Mr. White!

megan fahey

I have been getting raw milk, and sometimes free range eggs from wilbur for some time now. He's a friendly guy and will answer any questions you may have. He showed my sister and I how the cows come in to be milked and how the raw milk goes through the filter. This milk has so many health benefits. I am diabetic with MRSA, and I believe this milk has helped my scars heal better. I have also noticed that my skin in general is softer. And yes, it tastes better than any other raw milk in the area. You can also get Wilbur's milk at the Farmers Market on Rutherford. So much better than the store bought stuff.


I was pretty skeptic at the beginning. I saw his milk being sold in the farmers market but dared not to try it. My husband and I went to his farm one Saturday this summer. To our surprise, it is a very clean and lovely farm, cows are healthy and gazing the grass. The owner, Wilber White, has lots of love to all his cows. He even put apple vinegar into the water so to ease the cow's thirst and cleanse their intestines. When we bought the milk from him, it was still warm!! He also sells fresh free range eggs from his neighbor family farm. Anyone who live in Greenville/Taylors and want to drink the best milk ever should visit there and try it. :)