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Raisin River, Tecumseh, MI, Summer 2013. Left to right, Mark Spina, Dan Olinger.

In 30 seconds or less…(We pictured above) want to tell you what this free App can do for you and convince you to download [email protected] Start maintaining a healthy life-style or just simply support local. This free iPhone App will be simple and provide you with some powerful options. The main function of [email protected] will give you a default 25 mile radius of all produce stands, farmers markets, nurseries, dairy, beef & pork sellers. The profiles in the home screen will show a picture, name, distances from your location, current rating, and category icon.

From the home screen you have four options.

1.) Search screen – You can narrow and change the category to meet your own needs.

2.) Stand profile screen – Go directly to the stands profile and see more information including farming practices.

3.) Map screen – See your location overall on a Google map and the locations of the different category icons.

4.) Submit screen – We included a form so that you can submit right from your iPhone a location that we may have overlooked.

OK maybe a little longer than 30 seconds, but now you have a clearer picture of the App.

So I travel a lot for work. While on the pavement I try to eat from the small guys on the side of the road, you know produce stands. Last summer I was lost and oh so hungry. Pulled over and searched my smart phone for the nearest produce stand and came up with nothing. Found my way to a drive thru though. And on the way back to the office the idea of [email protected] was born. Well I decided to start putting my idea down on paper, so I don’t have the excuse of eating at a fast (way to put unwanted weight on hips) food place.

The purpose of our blog is to bi-weekly write basing the article on one of the following.

1.) Road trips, to go out do a little meet & greet and share our experiences with you. There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of these along our roads. We want you to get pumped and excited to get in a vehicle take the family or friend and have your own experiences.

2.) We plan on blogging on what you want to hear about. Is there a farmers market, or beef seller that absolutely excels in customer service, taste, or selection? Just drop us a note, e-mail, twitter, Facebook post. Just please make sure you #blogidea.

We also need your feedback and want you to be involved. And ask that you keep it constructive if you plan on going to the negative side. We have tons of ways for you to leave us feedback. E-mail ([email protected]), Twitter, Facebook. Please use #feedback if you would like us to see it.

The App is just about ready for release (I am totally stoked!), our webpage is live, and we need you. Make sure you follow us on Facebook (ProduceAtLast), Twitter (@ProduceAtLast), & Instagram (produceatlast). You can also find our social media accounts in the footer of this website.

Cheers thanks for reading and blog you soon,


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