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    Buying local is about enjoying real food, grown yourself or purchased from people you trust. It’s about developing strong local economies and producing food on a human scale. It’s about eating seasonally, practicing the art of cooking, and sitting down to enjoy meals together. It requires ample local and regional producers, processors, and distributors. As we see it, the goal of the local food movement is to create thriving community-based food systems that will make high quality local food available to everyone.

    The Right Choice

    We believe that ecologically sound, community-based food choices are essential to solving environmental degradation, climate instability, economic inequality and the myriad adverse health effects of industrialized food production. By creating local connections among consumers and producers of fresh, sustainable food, [email protected] seeks to increase access to healthy food, expose unjust and unsustainable food production practices and expand markets for small-scale farmers and other socially responsible food producers.

    Join, and find your healthy road atlas.

    The soil is the great connector of lives. It is the healer, restorer, resurrector, age into youth, and death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no life. Get out and discover your roots.

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